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DL4LD: Data Logistics for Logistics Data.

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Data sharing and digital collaboration in logistics is important for increasing efficiency, lowering costs and lowering pressure on infrastructure and environment. Furthermore, digital collaboration makes the creation of new logistic concepts possible, leading to new business opportunities and providing solutions for challenges like visibility of goods, synchronization of planning among partners and bundling of capacity. A data infrastructure must be established where data sharing among logistic partners is easy and robust and can be set up in an ad-hoc fashion. Agreements for data sharing between partners are secured in the infrastructure, data owners have full control over who has access to what data and for what purpose and a service industry has arisen that offers logistic and infrastructure services on the infrastructure. The infrastructure will maximize business value, comply with various legal requirements whilst allowing partner autonomy, and enhance existing data sharing and storage facilities.

The proposed research focuses on:
  1. the design and implementation of capabilities that are required for creating value-rich logistic information services

  2. and

  3. creation of innovative solutions that allow stakeholders to agree on how data is stored, accessed, shared and transformed in a controllable, enforceable, accountable, auditable and goal-oriented fashion.

Lab Environment

FieldLab - KLM - SURFnet - UvA first light Feb 2, 2017 Secure Digital Market Place OpenLab @ UvA CIENA 8700 & photonics


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2018-03-23 Dissemination: Vertrouwd data delen, Amsterdam Economic Board, kort overzicht en het AMdeX rapport.

2018-03-08 Presentation by Cees de Laat: University of South California, Information Sciences Institute colloquium: Secure Cyber Infrastructure for Valuable Big Data Processing! The Global Big Data Hub infrastructure inspired by PRP.

2018-01-24 NWO organized at SURF Kick-off meeting Big Data: Real Time ICT for Logisitcs, presentation and panel by a.o. Harrie Bastiaansen, Robert Meijer, Leon Gommans and Cees de Laat.

2018-01-18 Presentation by Cees de Laat at EU-SWITCH workshop Time critical applications and infrastructure optimization: "Digital Data Markets: real time ICT for logistics - Data Logistics 4 Logistics Data (dl4ld)"

2017-10-17 Lightning talk by Cees de Laat @ Internet2 TechEx, San Francisco: "Data Logistics for Logistic Data, Moving from Internet Exchanges to Data Exchanges."

2017-10-04 Presentation by Cees de Laat a at dcypher congress, MediaPlaza Utrecht (NL): "Secure Big Data Processing."

2017-09-12 Presentation by Cees de Laat: SAE meeting, Stanford University, Palo Alto (CA), Sep 12, 2017: "Connecting Data and Algorithms Globally! - The Global Big Data Hub infrastructure inspired by PRP".

2017-09-12 Presentation by Leon Gommans: SAE meeting, Stanford University, Palo Alto (CA), Sep 12, 2017: "Researching Data Ownership & Trust - SAE AIR 6904 working group.".

2017-08-08 Presentation by Cees de Laat for the National Research Platform, Bozeman (MT), USA: "Global Collaborative Research Groups (CRGs); The Dutch Big Data Hub infrastructure inspired by PRP as model for European Open Science Cloud".

2017-06-23 Data Logistics 4 Logistics Data project approved by NWO, June 23, 2017. Here the NWO Dutch press release.

2017-05-02 Presentation to NWO/C2D ctee by Jan Burgmeijer (TNO, PI), Cees de Laat (UvA, Co-PI), Leon Gommans (KLM): "Big Data: real time ICT for logistics Data Logistics 4 Logistics Data (dl4ld)"

2017-04-25 Session organized by Cees de Laat (chair), Rodney Wilson and Leon Gommans at Internet2 Summit, Washington, April 25 2017; "Distributed Big Data Assets Sharing & Processing."

2017-03-27 Presentation by Leon Gommans: "Sharing Big Data Assets via a Secure Digital Market Place", SAE HM-1 meeting on IVHM / ARP 6904 WG Fort Worth, TX Mar 29th 2017.
_ 2017-02-24 Report from NWO/STW Workshop “ICT with Industry 2016” Lorenz Centre Leiden, Nov. 7-11th 2016; Prof. dr. Tom M. van Engers (UvA), Prof. dr. Robert Meijer (UvA, TNO), Dr. ing. Leon Gommans (Air France KLM Group ICT Technology Office R&D, UvA), Dr. Kees Nieuwenhuis (Thales Nederland B.V., CTO Office), "Trusted Big Data Sharing for Aircraft MRO using a Secure Digital Market Place mechanism."
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