SURF Booth #2333 @ SC 2012, nov 10 - 16, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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SC2012 Technical program presentations by Booth members.

SC2012 demonstrators in the Dutch Consortium Booth (click on poster to download pdf)

QoS Planner (Slides)

2012-11-08-UvA-Virt_Internets.pdf 2012-11-08-UvA-qosplanner.pdf

NSA page J. vd Ham. Automated Goles NSI & AutoGOLE monitoring

2012-11-09-UvA-AutomatedGole-SC12.jpg 2012-11-08-AutoGOLEhandout.pdf

Playing with Light; interactive video selection

2012-10-20-UvA-CloudFed.pdf 2012-11-08-UvA-InterCloud.pdf

2012-11-08-UvA-BigData.pdf 2012-11-08-UvA-BDC.pdf 2012-11-08-UvA-GEMBus.pdf


2012-11-08-GEANT-NSIv2.pdf 2012-11-02-GEYSERS_CaON.pdf


2012-11-09-eSCIENCE_CENTRE.pdf 2012-11-08-UvA-802.3az.pdf SURF-DRC.png

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